Cool Boys Read, Inc.

Our Programs

Summer Enrichment Program

The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is the organization’s flagship program and the inspiration for all other Cool Boys Read® activities. SEP is a parent-led initiative that promotes summer reading among small groups of African American and Latino boys in PreK - 8th grade.

Reading and academic excellence are encouraged through age-appropriate reading challenges or contests; group meetings that focus on fun, educational activities; and rewards and recognition at the end of the summer.

The Cool Boys Read® Virtual Group introduces new members to the program and provides structure for the participation of members who are not enrolled in live groups.

Virtual Group members are encouraged to invite a friend or two to participate with them. Joining with a friend enhances the member's experience in the program and facilitates the development of a positive peer group, which is an important aspect of the program.  

Virtual Group members communicate via e-mail to participate in age-appropriate reading challenges or competitions. A Lead Parent may be required to ensure that these members’ accomplishments are recognized and celebrated.

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Book Publishing

Participants from live groups and the Virtual Group are encouraged to submit writing and artwork to the annual Cool Boys Read® book, a wonderful showcase for the boys’ talent and creativity. Members of the Virtual Group must meet minimum reading requirements in order to contribute to the book. If Virtual Group members are unable to attend the official book launch, the Lead Parent must host a celebration for his or her contributing members.


Youth Literacy Movement

The Cool Boys Read® Youth Literacy Movement promotes reading among all children, boys and girls. Programs usually include reading contests and rewards. The Cool Boys Read® anthologies may be used to encourage the participants to broaden their view of themselves as readers, writers, and students. Programs may be tailored to suit the specific needs of each participating institution.