Cool Boys Read, Inc.

New Member Participation

 ●   All new members start in our Virtual Group (VG)

 ●   New members are encouraged to invite friends to participate with them

●    VG members participate in one age-appropriate reading challenge or contest

●    VG members receive medals based on their reading efforts

●    VG members may compete for a trophy if there are enough participants

●    VG members participate in events and field trips* with the live groups

●    VG members do not have in-person group meetings

●    VG members must meet minimum reading requirements to be eligible to contribute to the book

●    VG members who live far away from the local groups in Bergen County, NJ, require a Lead Parent

●    Lead Parents ensure that members’ achievements are celebrated 

●    After participating for one summer, a parent-child team may inquire about starting a new group

●    Members may continue to participate in the Virtual Group after the first year 

 *Restrictions apply for chaperoned trips. Family-centered trips are open to all, and siblings are encouraged to participate. 

It's a Family Affair!

Our Summer Enrichment Program is designed to tap into the unique interests and motivating factors of boys, but part of our goal is to create literacy-rich environments in our members' homes. That means the whole family should get involved. 

  •  Our Family Reading contest, usually geared towards younger members, encourages members to read with parents and siblings
  • Siblings are encouraged to participate in our Read Along, Write Along contest for a chance to be published in our book
  • Siblings are always welcome to submit artwork to support their brothers' written contributions
  • Most of our field trips are intended to bring members, parents, and siblings together to enjoy the CBR experience

Our Program Is Powered by Parents!

Parents play an important role in our program. In addition to encouraging and facilitating participation at home, parents are our primary volunteers.

A Lead Parent is required for Virtual Group members who live far away.

Rewards and recognition are essential components of our program. Lead Parents help ensure that all members' achievements are celebrated. Celebrations may be small and intimate, but they are required.

When new members are joining the program with a friend or two: Be sure to clearly identify which parent will serve as the Lead Parent.

Our live groups are led by parents.

Live groups meet during the summer to participate in fun, educational activities. They also participate in organization-sponsored contests, events, and field trips. Group Leaders coordinate the activities for their members and manage the group's reading contests.

After the first year of membership, a parent-child team may inquire about creating a live group. This parent-child team will lead the new group that they create.